Natalie King

Dancer, Choreographer, Artist • Brooklyn, NY

Natalie King is a dancer, choreographer, and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Natalie received a B.A. from Oberlin College in 2011 in Dance. At Oberlin, she was asked to co-choreograph Oberlin Dance Company’s spring 2010 show, Generations: Dispelling the Rage, alongside other students and faculty. In spring of 2011, Natalie’s choreography, entitled Surge, was performed in a department sponsored dance concert. She was extensively involved in ViBE, a student-run jazz and tap group, in which she danced, choreographed, and served as a board member and co-chair. She earned the ’11 Helen Ward Award, given to seniors for outstanding contributions to theater and/or dance while at Oberlin. As Natalie moves forward, she continues to explore rhythmic play and group unity in her choreographic projects.