Thank you for considering supporting In Noon Dance.  Federal and private funding for the arts today is scarce; we are working hard to make our resources stretch. Our barebones, DIY administrative structure ensures that all donations serve as direct financial support for generating repertory (i.e. space rental, hourly pay, production costs). This feature is unusual in the world of arts administration and something we are proud to maintain.


In Noon Dance receives federal 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status as a fiscally sponsored project of Creative Thought and Action, Inc. Please earmark any donations for a specific project or artist.


We welcome private commissions and continue to offer crafts and other bounties as “rewards” for donations. Details on donor rewards will be posted soon.  Please reach us through our contact tab if you are interested in contributing. Currently all donations must be in the form of personal check. Thank you!


Coming shortly . . . donate via Payal.